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 Cicli Blume from 1967

The year of Foundation of the “Cicli Blume” goes up again to 1967 to work of the Family Battistello.
The first handicraft productions were almost exclusively bicycles, that they were sold to the great merchants of North-Italy. Already after few years the production is extended, using itself of experienced collaborators, coming to contemplate the complete line of production of the bikes, that they were sold to the merchants and the wholesalers of Italy.

After some years of experience and consolidation, with the insertion in the organic one of her child Nico is born the point sale to the detail “Cicli Blume”. Its activity is assembled in the handicraft production that is followed with care in all the phases of the workmanship you is stretched out to the search of materials of high quality but rigorously of Italian origin.

Matured experience has allowed to develop a new line VINTAGE that is born from the desire to live the pleasure of other times conjugating the lines and the materials of the past with the technology and the materials of the present.

From Verona to the world

a history that began in 1967 that allows you to improve
every day to create a perfect product


We assist our clients

Transport and delivery

We offer a home delivery service. Rates are a second of the destination country. We have a distribution network in Italy and abroad. The bicycle is shipped completely assembled. To get a quote fill in and send the form in the contact section.

How can we help you?

If you are looking for answers to your questions or simply want to try a bike, we will show you the different models and we will help you choose the one you need, the one that best suits your needs. We will show you the various accessories and the main functions of the bicycle. For any request, complete and send the form in the contact section.

We assist our customers

Our goal is to always focus on the needs of the customer and to help him in the best possible way. We are here to help you. We always strive to offer the utmost professionalism and courtesy to the customer, before, during and after each purchase.


We offer a personalization service. The colors of the bikes are not fixed. Bicycles are available in different colors, as shown on the website. We have inserted each bike in a different color from one another just to give you the opportunity to imagine the color of your new bicycle. You can also choose the color of grips, saddles and tires. Naturally you will have the possibility to choose which accessory will complete your new bike.


All “Blume” bikes come with a 2-year warranty according to the law in Italy.
Each Blume bicycle has a pantograph on the lower part of the frame, an alphanumeric code that identifies the serial number.


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Technical information

The frame is measured center-end (CF), ie the size of the column from the axis of the bottom bracket to the end of the saddle tube.



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Each of our bikes has its chassis number, which is stamped on the bottom of the bottom bracket box. This number is difficult to remove and circulating with a bike from the deleted, frame number would be circular with a car without a license plate. We remind you to write down the chassis number and […]


“Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein


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